The Cake Smash - Double Trouble

This blog entry is so much fun and adorable but if you’re squeamish about missy environments…warning…this one is all about mess! Read more...


This blog entry is so much fun and adorable but if you’re squeamish about missy environments…warning…this one is all about mess!

We’re talking ‘Cake Smash’ photography for 1 year olds. Cake Smash photography originated in the USA a number of years ago and has quickly made its way to Australia. The Cake Smash often takes place around the child’s first birthday and the photos are used on the birthday invitations or as special keepsakes. Often, it’s the child’s first taste of cake (yum) and the first time they get to do what ever they want…a bit of face-planting, cake diving or just plain eating like little piglets! 


When planning a Cake Smash

• The cake: no need to spend hundreds on a cake that will end up all over the floor.  You can always purchase an inexpensive cake from the shop or try baking one yourself. My preference is to buy from the shop…I’m a hopeless baker!  However, ensure the cake is soft and has lots of cream and icing so that your little one can really get in there and have a good time. Stay away from cakes covered in fondant.


• Location and setting: Do you want the Cake Smash to occur in the comfort of your home or in a Photographers studio? You will need to consider if your home has a suitable area and the type of decorations and backdrop. There’s heaps of inspiration online to research ideas for props, colours, backgrounds, clothing/costumes, accessories (e.g balloons, desert spoons) and more.


• The outfit: Choose an outfit that is really simple, no loud colours or patterns. The most popular outfit for a little girl is a tutu with a plain white t-shirt or no top at all. Our Evie&Sash Tutus are perfect for this and we have heaps of pics to prove it! But make sure your little one wears a nappy cover, disposable nappies don’t look great in photographs, even if they are on the cutest little butts under the tutu. And, I love a little bow tie matched with some cute shorts for little boys.


• The clean up: Be prepared for the clean up afterwards! It’s a good idea to have clean clothes, fresh nappies, plenty of wipes, towels and anything else you need, ready before the Cake Smash begins. Running around trying to sort it out when you’re both covered in cream is not ideal. Another cute idea is to get some lovely pics of the clean up, including a nice bubble bath shot.


Like all good parties, a Cake Smash photo session requires a good level of planning and creative thinking but don’t take it too seriously. It ‘s a beautiful moment in time that you will want to remember fondly, so have heaps of fun and enjoy it along with your child.



View the lovely little ladies below for some Cake Smash inspiration. Wearing our Evie & Sash Strawberry Crème Tutu with pearls and of course…the cake. The most darling little twin girls and the expressions on their little faces, is just priceless. One of my favourite pictures ever. A very BIG Thank You to Rebecca for sending the photographs and letting me use them on my blog.


Photography by Renee Thomas. Image supplied by Rebecca Lunardi. Outfit by Kids Fashion Republic. 2015 Copyright. 

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